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Prism Speech ATX diagnoses delays with an integrative approach. Our treatment plans are tailored to each individual to help them acquire skills to thrive in every environment.

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Our speech therapists offer a variety of speech therapy services throughout the Austin area to treat disorders/delays including:

Infant Feeding

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy / Myo

Craniosacral Fascial Therapy


  • I have worked with Renee professionally and highly recommend her! She is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and always learning and expanding her skill set with up to date research and techniques! Renee will work hard to provide a individualized holistic approach to therapy that will be productive and fun!!

    Angela Murphy Avatar Angela Murphy
  • My pediatrician noticed a slight speech delay in my daughter at her 18 month checkup and we were referred to a speech therapy group. My daughter attended speech there until she was 3, and then transferred to the local school district for speech services. Although both therapists were kind and my daughter enjoyed her sessions, I didn’t feel that she was making great progress. She was speaking more, but even her grandparents couldn’t understand her well… and the closer she got to kindergarten the more I worried that she’d struggle in school. I decided to try one more speech therapist to see if they had any additional insight, and stumbled upon Renee. From our first session she told me more about *why* my daughter was struggling than any therapist had before, was amazing with my daughter and made therapy fun, and gave me clear instructions for homework! After *years* of therapy, my daughter started making great progress and was able to “graduate” after six months. She started kindergarten speaking on par with her peers and her teachers even remarked on how articulate she is. Honestly guys, at one point I had thought that that outcome could only come true in my dreams. I also think learning the sounds helped accelerate her reading skills, which was a HUGE added bonus! I will forever be grateful that we found Renee and Prism Speech. If you’re weighing your options for speech therapy services, you’ve just found the best in Central Texas.

    Ashley Perez Avatar Ashley Perez
  • Renee is AMAZING! I was sure my son (4) needed speech therapy, despite my pediatrician's reassurances that he didn't. I finally got in to see Renee who quickly agreed that my son would benefit from speech therapy. She noticed that my son had a tongue and lip tie as well, physically restricting the letter sounds he could make. She even referred me to the fantastic children's dentist who was able to perform the minor surgery. Once the surgery was taken car of, Renee continued to work with him, teaching him how to properly use the muscles that were restricted before. He made quick progress and has since 'graduated' from speech and is doing great! THEN my daughter (3) was struggling with her health. She wasn't gaining weight and despite working with the pediatrician to try to help her to eat more and add more protein to her diet... it wasn't helping. She was so picky, would gag on food and water, and spit out her food after she'd chewed it up. Renee mentioned that it might be a muscular issue, that maybe she was just chewing and swallowing the wrong way (who knew?!). After an evaluation Renee knew just what my daughter needed. She worked so hard with her, practicing new oral motor movements, face massage, chewing exercises, etc. Within only a few weeks the change was SO obvious! Turns out she isn't picky...she just had muscle weakness (and over-tightness) making eating extremely difficult. Once she learned to use those muscles correctly, she began to improve dramatically! She started putting on the weight she needed! Even her demeanor changed, she was much happier and more energetic. She was finally getting the nutrients her body needed. Even her preschool teachers noticed the change and that she 'looked healthier and the dark circles under her eyes were gone'. Within a few months she no longer needed therapy and has been doing great ever since! I can't recommend Renee enough, she has changed my children's lives! 💜💜💜

    Erica Higgins Avatar Erica Higgins

What to expect from our professional speech therapists in austin tx

Courtesy Consultation

10-15 minute consult over phone to discuss concerns and answer any evaluation and therapy questions.


We offer evaluations for infants, children and adults. Evaluations are between 75-90 minutes.

Individual Therapy

A specialized therapy plan is created for each session including homework activities for carry over of skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it normal for a toddler to not speak clearly?

It is normal for a toddler to not speak clearly up to two to three years old. However, you should begin understanding your toddler’s vocalizations around year two. 

How do language development problems affect children?

Language development problems affect children’s ability to communicate clearly. They may struggle to express their feelings and ideas which can lead to isolation, resentment, and destructive behavior later. 

When should my child begin speech therapy?

Your child should begin speech therapy in Austin, TX, as soon as you have concerns and discuss them with your pediatrician. Many children begin therapy as early as one year old.

How Long Does Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy Take?

The average patient notices changes after 12 weeks of therapy, though timelines depend on each individual case.

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