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Professional Infant Feeding Therapy in Austin, TX

infant feeding therapy austin tx

We’re the area’s leading provider of infant feeding therapy services in the greater Austin area and are happy to help families with children who struggle with bottle or breastfeeding. Contact us today for solutions to poor infant feeding habits. 

As a parent, your top priority is your child’s health and safety. When your infant struggles with either bottle or breastfeeding, they won’t be able to get the nutrients that help them grow and remain healthy. Prism Speech offers infant feeding therapy in Austin, TX, to help you get to the root cause of your child’s feeding issues and learn new tools that promote good feeding habits. 

You’ll work one-on-one with educated speech therapists to develop long-lasting solutions for nurturing your infant. We provide effective treatment plans that cater to children with feeding difficulties for any number of reasons, such as oral motor challenges and gastrointestinal issues. Our caring team of healthcare professionals will monitor your baby’s progress to ensure that they’re benefitting from our therapy services. 

Signs You Need Infant Feeding Therapy

Most newborns take to feeding right away and have no issue taking milk or formula as they grow. However, parents can notice pediatric feeding issues that don’t go away with time.

Each of these problems can lead to ongoing feeding struggles and prevent your baby from getting the proper nutrients they need. However, difficulties with the baby are only one piece of the puzzle. Nursing moms should seek help from Prism Speech if they experience pain while lactating, have flattened or blistered nipples, or have plugged ducts. 

Visit our clinic for infant feeding therapy in Austin, TX, if you experience any of these issues with your child.

Signs Your Child May Need Infant Feeding Therapy:

Inadequate Weight Gain

Refusal to Feed

Lengthy Nursing Sessions

Reflux Problems or Excess Spit-Up

Inability to Keep a Pacifier in the Mouth

What to Expect During Infant Feeding Therapy

When you make an appointment for infant feeding therapy in Austin, TX, it’s normal to feel nervous and not know what to expect. Our team takes a personalized approach that involves the following steps. 

Initial Evaluation

An expert will meet with you and observe your child to detect any concerning feeding behaviors they have. We promise to put you at ease during this consultation and explain some of the common reasons behind those behaviors. 

Helping Children Adapt

Whether your baby won’t feed due to latching issues or sensory sensitivities, a feeding therapist will work with you to develop solutions for the problem. They’ll provide you with personalized strategies that target a specific issue in hopes of having your baby adapt to the feeding process. 

Monitoring Progress

The tools you learn from a therapist should quickly transform mealtimes and make your baby more apt to feed from a breast or bottle. Professionals will continue to check in with you to monitor your progress and make sure your child is heading toward a healthy weight gain thanks to their new eating habits. 

Benefits of Infant Feeding Therapy

Trusting our team for infant feeding therapy in Austin, TX can provide you and your baby with significant benefits. Our tips and tricks support healthy child development skills along with the following:

Healthy Weight Gain

Your baby will receive the nutrients they need to grow every month and maintain steady, but healthy, weight gain. 

Positive Feeding Experiences

We’ll teach you ways to make mealtime go much smoother without any fussiness from your baby. This ultimately promotes family bonding and helps you keep a set feeding schedule for your child. 

Empowered Families

Once you learn how to navigate your baby’s feeding difficulties, you can teach those methods to loved ones. This way, the parents don’t have to be the only ones to successfully feed the baby. Your infant can take a bottle from grandparents, friends, or other caregivers. 

The Power of Infant Feeding Therapy

The cornerstone of our infant feeding therapy in Austin, TX is speech therapy. A certified professional understands the causes and impact of oral motor challenges and will address them with pediatric feeding therapy. By getting to the root of this problem early, you can prevent further speech difficulties for your child as they grow up. 

Are you having trouble feeding your infant? Let Prism Speech help with pediatric feeding therapy services that deliver long-lasting results. Give us a call today at (512) 387-0332 to schedule an evaluation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions about infant feeding therapy in Austin, TX? Get answers to common inquiries below.

feeding therapy

What is the difference between infant feeding therapy and speech therapy?

Feeding therapy focuses on oral motor skills related to eating and drinking, while speech therapy improves the mechanics of speech, such as voice and articulation.

Why would a child need feeding therapy?

Infants may need feeding therapy because of premature birth, behavioral issues, or medical conditions. 

Can I do feeding therapy at home?

Yes, you should take the tools you learn from us and apply them at home for continuous infant feeding therapy in Austin, TX.