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Sometimes, kids may struggle to find their words. These concerns can happen for a myriad of reasons. However, they almost always leave parents baffled and worried about the well-being of their children. 

Prism Speech offers hope and assistance in treating speech or communication delays with pediatric speech therapy. We staff our Austin private practice with specialists who understand that kids master new skills through play. Our approach blends therapeutic modalities with fun activities to keep your little ones engaged while honing their linguistic capabilities.  

What Exactly is Speech Therapy

First, a speech-language pathologist or speech therapist will evaluate your child for up to an hour and a half. This time allows the therapist to learn more about your kid, see their real-time struggles, and address your questions or concerns. 

Then, the therapist will craft an initial treatment plan with session recommendations and suggestions for activities you can work on at home. Speech and communication delays can arise from physical or psychological problems. For example, a patient might struggle with:

  • Coordinating tongue, lips, and jaw when speaking
  • Hearing loss
  • Learning disabilities
  • Conditions like ADHD or autism

Once your therapist identifies the cause, they will work with you to craft a treatment plan that works with your child’s thinking and communication methods. In other words, we get on your kid’s current level and meet them at new ones as they improve!  

Speech therapy addresses communication concerns, such as:


Continuous Pronunciation Errors

Repetitive or Inarticulate Speech Patterns

Difficulty Understanding and Following Directions

How your child can benefit from speech therapy

Some delays might resolve on their own. However, quickly addressing them significantly benefits your child’s connection with you and their community. Speech and language therapy can help your child:

  • Build confidence: When children stutter or constantly repeat words, they can get just as frustrated as their parents about verbalizing their thoughts and feelings. Our therapists help your child find their voice and speak with more confidence. 
  • Expand their vocabulary: A limited vocabulary or problems with stringing sentences together prevent your child from accurately communicating about their world. We help them form vowel sounds, articulate consonants, and identify diverse objects. 
  • Describe situations and events: As a parent or guardian, you know communication is essential to your child’s identity, well-being, and safety. When they can articulate their circumstances, they develop more trust that the adults in their lives can help them navigate problems. 
  • Understand and follow instructions: You might feel frustrated when your kid fails to execute specific directions. However, they might struggle to accurately interpret those directions and need new tools to understand. 

Language and speech therapy in Austin, TX, is a fantastic tool to help your child thrive in new environments. Their communication becomes particularly influential as they enter grade school and pursue social activities. 

Our Services for Speech Therapy in Austin, TX

Prism Speech is a safe space for parents and their kids to find their unique awesomeness. Our specialists have degrees and certifications that keep them on the cutting edge of therapeutic language development. They have worked with children for decades, helping families come together to communicate. 

Courtesy Consultations

10-15 minute consult over phone to discuss concerns and answer any evaluation and therapy questions.

Individual Evaluations

We offer evaluations for infants, children and adults. Evaluations are between 75-90 minutes.

Individual Therapy Sessions

A specialized therapy plan is created for each session including homework activities for carry over of skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about speech therapy in Austin, TX? We answered some common questions below.

Prism Speech Therapy Child and Therapist Austin TX

What is the difference between a speech therapist and a speech-language pathologist?

There are no differences between a speech therapist and a speech-language pathologist besides the title. This healthcare specialist helps patients manage and overcome issues that prevent them from speaking, swallowing, and chewing properly. 

Is it normal for a toddler to not speak clearly?

It is normal for a toddler to not speak clearly up to two to three years old. However, you should begin understanding your toddler’s vocalizations around year two. 

How do language development problems affect children?

Language development problems affect children’s ability to communicate clearly. They may struggle to express their feelings and ideas which can lead to isolation, resentment, and destructive behavior later. 

When should my child begin speech therapy?

Your child should begin speech therapy in Austin, TX, as soon as you have concerns and discuss them with your pediatrician. Many children begin therapy as early as one year old.