About Prism Speech

Prism Speech is a private speech therapy clinic that diagnoses delays with a holistic approach. Our treatment plans are tailored to each child to help them acquire skills to thrive in every environment.

Our play-based therapy focuses on building connection and is collaborative to assist in a child’s long term success. We believe that a regulated child who can communicate and express themselves effectively is a more peaceful, resilient individual.

About Renee

Renée Kreisner, M.S., CCC-SLP, is the owner of Prism Speech ATX, a pediatric speech therapy clinic serving the greater Austin and central Texas area.

Renée’s passion for helping children started as a Reading and English teacher, where she saw the need for individualized support to help kids be successful in the classroom. In pursuit of a specialized degree to better meet this need, she enrolled at Tennessee State University for her Master’s of Science in Speech Language Pathology. After graduating, she gained additional experience as a speech therapist in the public school system and private practice setting.

Renée specializes in treating children with oral motor delays, feeding therapy/picky eating, children with autism spectrum disorder, articulation/speech delays, apraxia, sensory processing disorders, and language delay. Renée has continuing education in Oral Motor Placement therapy, Motor Sensory approach to feeding skills, and Orofacial Myology. She is currently working towards COM certification to become a dual certified speech therapist and myologist.

Renée is also a mom to her son, Jeremy, who inspires her work. As a parent and therapist, Renee is heavily influenced by respectful, authoritative parenting styles and “The Whole Brain Child” approach to raising balanced and regulated children. These approaches help foster healthy brain development which leads to children who are more resilient and emotionally intelligent. Her goal as a parent, therapist and educator is to support children and give them the tools they need to learn, grow, and gain confidence with their new skills.

Renée takes a comprehensive approach to therapy that considers the whole child and focuses on identifying root causes of concerns when creating an individualized treatment plan. She believes that fostering social-emotional skills, encouraging imaginary play, play-based learning, and involving and training the parent is crucial to a child’s success in speech therapy. 

Prism Speech was created to provide a holistic, balanced, and child-centered therapy space where kids can be their most awesome selves!

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